Academy Rules




1. Licences

(a) All Academy members taking part in Karate training must obtain a licence to practise Karate-Do from the association representing the club and its members at national level. This must be done within a period of not more than 4 weeks from the date they commence training.


(b) Academy members must ensure that they renew their licence on or before the expiry date each year.



2. Clothing

(a) Academy members must obtain and wear a Karate suit within a period of 6 weeks of commencing training. During the first 6 weeks of training, no football colours will be permitted at training.


(b) It is compulsory for senior members to wear club approved hand mitts during sparring. All members must obtain and wear a gum shield whilst sparing.


(c) It is optional for senior members and junior members to wear a groin guard, shin/instep guards.



3. Hygiene and Safety

(a) All Academy members will ensure that their bodies and Karate suits are clean before presenting themselves for training.


(b) The wearing of rings, bracelets, watches, earrings and jewellery of any description is forbidden during training.


(c) Fingers and toenails must be kept short.


(d) The chewing of gum whilst training is forbidden.



4. Etiquette

All members shall observe Dojo Etiquette and conduct themselves in a proper manner whilst in the Dojo.


5. Alcohol and Drugs

(a) Members shall not bring or cause to be brought, intoxicating or alcoholic liquid or drugs of any kind into the dojo premises.


(b) Any person under the influence of drink or drugs, shall, shall not present him / herself for training.



6. Suspension

The Academy shall have the right to suspend any member whom they consider guilty of misbehaviour, whether committed in the Dojo or outside of the Dojo until such times as the case is brought before the club for their consideration. Suspended members shall not be allowed to train at any Academy Dojo.


Suspended members shall be given reasonable opportunity to furnish an explanation of their conduct either verbally or in writing before any further action is taken by the club.



7. Expulsion

The Club reserve the right to expel any member or members whose conduct they consider detrimental to the interest of the Academy.



8. Membership

(a) Club membership renewal is due annually, with all money going to our governing body.



9. Fees

(a) Academy fees will be paid on a weekly basis, unless otherwise agreed with the Sensei.


(b) No fees will be due owing to sickness, holidays or working commitments.



10. Instructors / coaches

Anyone wishing to qualify as a Coach must go through the proper instructor’s syllabus, as laid down by the Scottish Karate-Do Association and the Scottish Karate Governing Body.



11. Injuries

All injuries must be reported to the Sensei and entered into the club accident book as they occur or prior to training if it is a previous injury.



12. Grading

Gradings shall only be attempted when sufficient training has been completed. Kyu grades for senior members should be attempted at least twice a year.



13. Juniors

(a) Are not allowed kick, punch or strike to the face, throat or groin.


(b) When free sparring, control must be exercised at all times. Control is when a technique is stopped 6 inches from the body.


(c) Bullying of any form will not be allowed whether inside or out with the Academy.



14. Seniors

When sparring, senior members must observe the rules of the World Karate Federation.



15. General

No one shall leave the Dojo without the Sensei’s’ permission whilst the class is in progress.



16. Alterations and Amendments

The Academy reserves the right to make such alterations and/or amendments to the rules, as they consider necessary for the efficient running of the Academy.