Meet Our Team

Vince started studying the art of Karate in 1973. Through his studies he has competed at various levels achieving many titles and awards. He continued training and studying Shotokan Karate and through his hard work was awarded his 1st Dan in 1982. Through his continues studying of Karate Vince has worked his way through the grades and is currently a 5th Dan in Shotokan Karate. His hard work and dedication to the sport was also recognised within the Scottish Karate-Do Association when he was invited to join the Grading Panel, ensuring the high standards within Scottish Karate.


Vince enjoys the Sports aspect of karate and ensures that he teaches the traditional style in a fun way which can also test his students’ fitness. He continues to expand his knowledge of current training methods and alters his classes to ensure everyone is training effectively. Vince continues to develop his knowledge and skills in Karate and his efforts were recognised when he was awarded Level 3 coaching within the Scottish Karate Association, the highest level of coaching within Karate. His effective coaching style has seen many club members gain Scottish titles at junior and senior level, represent their country at international level.


“This is one of the most fun parts of our or any other sport, is to see new members develop over many years of training into positive role models.”



Vincent Cooney

5th Dan


Linda began studying Karate in 1990, as a way of controlling her asthma. Her enjoyment of the sport, lead her to continued training both at club and competition level. Over the years, Linda has competed in various competitions gaining both experience and junior titles. Linda enjoys the traditional aspect of Karate and has competed in several Kata competitions as a Senior club member. In 2008 Linda gained her 1st Dan and is continuing her studying in the hope of achieving her 2nd Dan.


Personally, Linda works as a Sports Therapist, preventing and rehabilitating sports injuries. Through her knowledge of the human body and sporting injuries, Linda is able to ensure training sessions are not only fun but safe and effective.


Linda is the administrator of Kami-Do Sports Karate Academy and should be contacted if you have any questions or queries.


Linda Montgomery

1st Dan

Academy Sports Therapist